Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haley's Birthday

So, we got to go up for a visit to Anderson, Indiana last week and
while we were there we celebrated Haley's birthday. :)

Happy birthday Halo. :^) I love you tons.

The cake we made

Megan, Haley, Me, Kaitlyn, and Sierra dressed all crazy. :P

3 Commentos:

-the Ellis family said...

Look at all those goobs! hehe I think I'm one of those little oompa loompas. Thats one fantabulos cake there babes! It tasted pretty amazing too! And that dream catcher you made Haley- that was b-e-a-tiful!! love you much. :)
Love Always,
Kaitlyn Ellis

~Johanna~ said...

Agh! That's my shirt, that's my shirt!! Sierra is wearing my favoritest t-shirt! Bleh. Nice guys. haha. I LOVE this picture though. Kaitlyn's effort is priceless. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures!! y'all are so funny! I love you CHEY! You are such a blessing to me and my family!
P.s. Happy Birthday Haley 19 days late:p